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Our counseling ministry focuses on the healing of emotional brokenness and overcoming dysfunctional behavioral patterns that plague so many relationships today.  We have a passion for helping individuals achieve the emotional and spiritual health necessary to bring about the kind of balance to their lives that affords them the ability to reach their full potential individually and within the marriage/family system dynamic.
Dr. Alvin Powell Pastoral Counseling Ministries


Using your medical insurance to cover the cost of counseling is a decision to weigh carefully. In order to submit claims for insurance reimbursement, I must disclose otherwise confidential information to a third-party payer and I am no longer able to ensure that your personal information will remain private. Insurance companies require a significant mental health diagnosis in order to authorize payment, which then becomes a part of your permanent medical record and may affect future job eligibility or background checks. Not everyone who comes to me for treatment has an impairment of the chronic or severity to warrant a diagnosis of this type, and it would be both unethical and unfair to so label my clients.


Couple’s relationship issues, parent/child challenges, normal grieving, or "just having a hard time" are common cases, which are not covered by some insurance companies. Even when these conditions are met, and insurance will reimburse, generally only a very limited number of sessions are authorized, which may or may not meet your treatment needs. For privacy, and to gain the full benefit of counseling, I recommend you weigh your options with deep consideration. There is not a public record of any diagnosis. There is not a public record of your time spent here, and unless subpoenaed, my notes are protected legal documents. The insurance co-pays may be low, but the lifetime ramifications may be deemed a bit excessive. If you choose to pursue reimbursement from your carrier, I will happily prepare you a medical receipt for purposes of reimbursement from your insurance plan.


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