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Our counseling ministry focuses on the healing of emotional brokenness and overcoming dysfunctional behavioral patterns that plague so many relationships today.  We have a passion for helping individuals achieve the emotional and spiritual health necessary to bring about the kind of balance to their lives that affords them the ability to reach their full potential individually and within the marriage/family system dynamic.
Dr. Alvin Powell Pastoral Counseling  Ministries

Our Purpose

“My prayer for you is that you will overflow more and more with love for others, and at the same time keep  on  growing in spiritual knowledge and insight—“ Philippians 1:9, Living Bible (TLB)


The purpose of this ministry is to cause all who we touch to “Grow in love, increase spiritual knowledge and develop fresh penetrating restorative insight.”


Our Mission

For far too long our communities have suffered from the effects of trans-generational family dysfunctions, such as abandonment, rejection, abuse, addiction, detachments, dependencies, and co-dependencies, etc. Moreover, because we all have experienced some form of family dysfunction to a degree, we realize that there are no perfect families. However, when our environment affects our ability to cope with the issues of life and holds us captive to the hurts, woundedness. and scars of the past, we are drained of the energy necessary to experience the peace and joys of life and healthy relationships.

Dr. Alvin L. Powell Ministries mission is to become a resource to the community at-large where emotional and spiritual health can be achieved through our internationally recognized and proven counseling model.  Our ministry was founded to be a conduit to bring God’s healing and restorative power to individuals, families and relationships.

Our Vision 

To Connect: as a beacon of hope and enlightenment to strengthen individuals, families, communities and churches through the introduction of innovative solutions that produces real results that help people overcome trans-generational family dysfunction, codependent behaviors, and other emotional health, mental health and spiritual health issues. 

To Transform: with our counseling model and training through the National Christian Counselors Association,  the application of the Holy Scriptures, Temperament Therapy, Biblio-therapy, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to bring about a transformation in the way the people think, perceive God, themselves and others.

To Renew: relationships because of the understanding gained from all the touch points our ministry makes available, i.e., the counselor connection, the counseling methodology, learning to transform thinking to bring about a fulfilling relationship with God and the people you love.      

Our Focus

Our focus is the physiological (body), psychological (soul), and spiritual (spirit) health within the family system. Our ministry is a resource the help men and women establish their home life on a sound biblically foundation and create an environment where all the members of the household receives the love and care needed to reach their full potential to ultimately fulfill their God ordained purpose and destiny individually and as a family unit.

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