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Our counseling ministry focuses on the healing of emotional brokenness and overcoming dysfunctional behavioral patterns that plague so many relationships today.  We have a passion for helping individuals achieve the emotional and spiritual health necessary to bring about the kind of balance to their lives that affords them the ability to reach their full potential individually and within the marriage/family system dynamic.
Dr. Alvin Powell Pastoral Counseling Ministries
Temperament Therapy



Counseling with the Temperament Therapy

Having a tested, proven method of getting started with a client replaces fear with faith.  Your counselor will be equipped with a divinely-inspired tool that provides powerful, deep insights into the mind, will, and emotions of those who will seek his/her counsel. Discovering the nature of a person's soul and emotional make-up, their temperament, provides the counselor with an understanding of how that person was designed and created by God.  It is possible for the properly trained Christian Counselor to discern precisely what God had in mind when he created each of us before the world had its way with us.

Please contact us if you're interested in discovering more about is topic and receiving an individual evaluation of  your temperament.                            


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